Attention Media companies, take a risk, dare to be BOLD!

President Obama's virtual meeting is compared to President Franklin Roosevelt's fireside chats.  Fast-forward some 75 years, and this chat is certanly not your grandfather's fireside chat.  Obama fielded some one-hundred thousand questions from people all over the world (only a handfull were eventually chosen). The number one topic was the economy. The Poynter Online Institute called it ""One of the most innovative things that they're doing). Given that back ground, I want to examine what seems to be a break from tradition. Not only is the President doing it, but the every-day citizen too. In the digital age the President, and now viewers, and readers are demanding new innovative news coverage. I see media outlets are letting people inside their newsrooms.  News organizations are letting people take virtual tours, submit news-tips, questions, and comments.  Partly because outlets have learned that old media is dead, the other is outlets are desperate for ratings, and readers, and are embrasing the citizen journalist, and interactive consumer. This is good, because finally people now have more power over content. We are no longer content to the type of spoon-feeding of information, as in past news models. I just had a conversation with the editor of the San Diego News Network or ( Ron James said his news network is the future of news.  The site which launched last week, is described as a virtual newsroom. Check it out. My question is what makes this site different from others. You can go to and get some of the same content, and even more because it has been around for awhile. is just a baby, James says the site will be fully operational in about 6 weeks. He promised more video content from his partners like San Diego 6 and others. I asked if a full sdnn newscast is planned, he said that is a big possiblity, especially with the help of his partners. My big problem with that is even if a web-site launches a Newscast, will it be just another format you see on regular TV? I challenge new-media to come up with it's own production format. Throw convention aside, create something orignial, edgy, and user-friendly. The days when news organizations can just cruise, and play it safe are gone. What we need is something bold. Take a shot, sure it's a risky, unsafe venture, but what's the alternative. I am tired of watching TV on the web, or just a rehash of television content on the web. I've invited Mr. James, and others to examine the possiblilties, and will be reporting on that soon.

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