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UPDATE 2015: FTC rules Jerk, LLC and John Fanning Deceived Deceived Consumers, Violated FTC Act is a website that appears to try to profit from consumers who are concerned about their online reputation.

We've recently heard from individuals who have come across after they Google themselves and find that they have a profile on  

Having information appear on this site causes you a number of concerns, including that a potential employer will see this when you apply for a job.  In some instances the photos may not be of you but of your children or other family.  The profiles sometimes also contain a person's email, age, address, phone number and job information.  The profile also can provide links to the persons other online profiles like Facebook and Linkedin.  After seeing their page, the first thing you may want to do is try to delete it.  You may notice a link on the top of that says "Remove Me." This takes you to a page that asks you to create an account and makes a number of claims, but be wary, as you have to pay to create an account on the website.  Moreover, there are reports that even if a user pays to access their account profile, they can't necessarily remove the entire profile.  In addition, those who pay may find that simply creates an additional profile, rather than allowing access to edit the original, objectionable profile.

If you simply want to notify that your photos or personal information appears on the site without their permission, there is a contact link at the bottom on the page.  However, again, it appears intends for visitors to pay to simply send an email to the website. Right now the contact feature appears to simply be broken.

These are just some of the issues with

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