Big Changes with the DMCA Registration Process!

At long last the Copyright office has implemented an electronic registration process to register your DMCA agent – which is mostly great! Beginning on December 1, 2016, DMCA registration will only be $6. This is a significant discount from the $105 (plus additional fees for each alternative domain names) registration currently costs. 
Unfortunately, the Copyright Office’s latest rule also requires services to re-register their DMCA agent with the office every three years. What’s more, any website or service that has already registered with the Copyright Office will have to re-register their agent by December 31, 2017, in order to retain the protections that the DMCA provides. 
How big of a deal is this? Well changes to the DMCA do not come very frequently! While on its face this seems like simply an upgrade to the DMCA agent registration process, it means that services that want to be DMCA compliant will have one more step to maintain in order to be protected by the DMCA. 
You can read a prepublication of the newly changed rule here.

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