How to Hack Your Cell Phone Using BitPim

Whether you realize it or not, your cell phone has been holding you prisoner, or rather, your cell phone provider has been holding you prisoner. And we don't mean that you spend too much time talking and texting or that your monthly plan is a rip-off because, as Clark Gable says, "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn." But we do give a damn about consumers having to pay twice for the same content and consumers not having adequate access to devices they own. This guide will tell you how to use BitPim to set your phone free.

BitPim is a free, open-source software program that gives you access to many of your phone's features, including: contacts, images/wallpapers, call history, text message history, ringtones/music, videos, and calendar. BitPim allows you to backup cell phone data onto your computer and vice versa, meaning you can transfer files from your computer to your phone as well.

BitPim is available for PC, Mac, and Linux operating systems, however, it only works with CDMA phones. In the US, Verizon and Sprint are the largest CDMA carriers (AT&T and T-Mobile use GSM networks).

What You'll Need:

1. Download BitPim for: Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Linux (RPM, DEB, & Gentoo), & Mac OS X 1.4+ (Note: BitPim does NOT work with all phones. See this list to determine if your phone is supported or not.)

2. You will need to connect your phone to your computer with a USB cable. Simple enough, but your phone won't work with any old USB cable, you will need to find one specifically made for your model of phone. Think of it like your phone's power cord. There are two ways you can get a USB cable for your phone:

  • Buy it through your cell phone provider. Verizon, for example, sells a "Music Essentials Kit" that includes a USB cable specific to your phone. You can buy the kit through a Verizon retail store, the Verizon online store, or an online reseller (just search "verizon music essentials," but here's an example).
  • Buy it seperately through Ebay or another online auctioneer. The Verizon kit costs from $15-$30 depending on where you buy it. The kit also packages the USB cord with headphones and Verizon's Music Manager software, which you may not want to pay for. You can find most phones' USB cables on Ebay for under $5.

3. Find and install your phone's drivers on your computer. Without the proper drivers, your computer will not recognize your phone when you connect it to the USB cable. There are two ways to get your phone's drivers:

  • Buy them from your cell phone provider. Your phone's drivers will come packaged with the USB cable in the Verizon Music Essentials Kit mentioned above. You may not want to pay for the other things in the package, but for some models of phones, it is the only way to get the necessary drivers.
  • Download them online from the manufacturer's website or message boards and forums. Some manufacturers make their phones' drivers available online for certain models of phones. There are also a number of message boards and forums where users have posted links to drivers, which you can find by doing a search on the specific model of your phone along with "drivers."

Getting Started:

1. Install BitPim

2. Install your phone's software drivers. (Note: If you are using a CD from your service provider, such as Verizon, you do NOT need to install the other software on the CD for BitPim to work. You ONLY need to install the drivers.)

3. Connect the USB cable to your computer first and then to your phone. Your computer should give you some kind of notification that it recognizes a new USB device.

4. Start BitPim. When BitPim is open and running you should see the model of your phone displayed in the lower right-hand corner along with a green or red light indicating whether or not your phone is connected.

5. If BitPim is struggling to recognize your phone, first try using a different USB port and rechecking that the drivers were installed correctly. If neither of those work, consult BitPim's Troubleshooting documentation.

What's Next?

That depends on why you wanted to hack your phone. We hope the following sections will enable you to do what you had in mind, if not, let us know and we'll do our best to help you out. Also, it's not hard to erase everything on your phone if you aren't careful at a few crucial points, so make sure you read the potential pitfalls before going any further. Best of luck.

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reading SMS history

I have been using bitpim to read and delete my SMS history on my LG9100 phone. Up until today it has always recongnized my phone and let me read and manage my SMS history. Today it would not read it. Can anyone help with this or give an advice?

LG 9100 mobile

Thanks for the tips on using BitPim. I'm having the same problem though with bitpim not recognizing my phone. Has anyone figured this out or know of any other resources? Anyting would help.

Intro music

I have the Dare and using BitPim is awesome but i was interested on changing my sound for when i turn my phone on how do you go about doing that.

I was just wondering...I

I was just wondering...I have a dare and a plan that doesn't allow for unlimited music downloading. so if i use bitpim to download music onto my phone, will i have to pay verizon for it?

No. You will not have to pay

No. You will not have to pay Verizon for any data you transfer via bitpim. This is because you are not using the Verizon network to transfer the files (like with VCast)

Bitpim is simply a way of transfer music between your computer and your phone that hasn't been blocked by Verizon yet (like miniSD card transfers).

If you get the Verizon

If you get the Verizon Rhapsody you can transfer without paying. just DL the songs with LimeWire or your choice of Music DLing software or Torrents and then put them in with Rhapsody. Actually, Windows Media Player is capable of the same thing and Winamp too. Just sync them.

Turning a Cellphone into a basic computer

I noticed most cell phones can play games, and do all the stuff an old computer in the 90's could often do; in fact, sometimes does much more and faster than an 80's PC!

Hence, is it possible to turn my razr phone into a little neat quasi-computer, without compromising the hardware much or even at all? Silly question, but I really would like notepad and some non-cellular based wifi internet browsing capacity on my phone. I don't mind using it exclusively for this, because I will be getting a new phone later anyway. Again, I want nothing fancy (I deleted my games on the phone bec. I never use them), just the basics.

Thanks in advance!


technically you could delete one of ur useless tools like an ez tip calculator or w/e
then u can replace it with a notepad file (im sure u can find it somewhere online) but it may not be compatible with your phone (e.g. a dare notepad has the draw option, razr dont, so i dont think it would work)

I have an LG VX 10000. As I

I have an LG VX 10000. As I chose the "get data" options on the bitpim I receive an error message: "Access has been blocked on this phone by the phone provider". Is there any way around this or any other methods I can try? Thank you.

is there any way to get the

is there any way to get the password for the service code on my phone? i know that is normally 000000 but the last place i took it to changed it and they wont tell me it or change it



i took a picture with my cell, and i left it like it was for too long, eventually it disappeared and i didn't save it. Can I get it back with bitpim?

some shady bastard on

some shady &^$#^ on craigslist sold me a phone that he still owed money to verizon on... so i cant activate the phone till he pays his damn bill...which will probably never happen...*# that #(*#^ with this software can i reset the whole phone and reprogram it with a new esn or something? or is that illigal? hell idc i just want to get this phone to work for something please help

I connected my dare to bitpim

I connected my dare to bitpim via Bluetooth...I went in to the bitpim settings and changed the com port to 7(thats the one that my phones file system was being transferred through). Do not use the "detect phone" prompt. Go under the data tab and click on "get phone data". Then select what you want to get from your phone and click ok. On a quick note, make sure you have an SD card so that you can transfer your videos and pictures to it. They tend to take a longer time uploading because of their somewhat more expansive memory usage. Once these processes are done, go to the view tab and click on the "view filesystem". from there it should show a folder with a / next to it. Double click on this and let it load up your info. I am new to this bitpim stuff and I do not know what most of the tabs mean but i did figure out how to put flash games on my dare. Hope this helps.


Ok so I know that many people either use windows media (but I cant because my computer is retarded) or the bitpim's media folder to access My Music. I prefer the Filesystem so a way to sync that way would help me a lot.

When I try to drag and drop an MP3 audio file into the Filesystem or the media folder>Music, a pop-up appears, titled "Convert audio file". It wants me to convert the file to MP3 when it already is. I tried out all the options, but whatever the settings are, another pop-up appears, titled "Exception". "Exception" basically says either I close bitpim or I continue without getting my music transfered in.

Now when I try to drag and drop my MP3 File into the Filesystem folder called "my_music" nothing happens. Course, there is a sub-folder called "sys", but dragging and dropping in there does absolutely nothing.

MP3 Problem

I use a Mac and have been experiencing the same problem. Drag and drop for MP3 files seems to get absolutely no response from BitPim. I've even cut the MP3s to 15 second segments using Audacity. By selecting the add music button BitPim will let me select a file, but after hitting Open, it tells me the file needs to be converted to MP3 when it already is that file type. The window gives me no choice but to close it or click 'Convert.' The convert button, however, results in a pop-up declaring and unexpected exception and forces me to continue unsuccessful or close down the program entirely. A solution to this would be wonderful.

no music folder on my VX9100

This program is fantastic, really stickin it to the man. I'm just having trouble transferring music to my phone. I don't need them all to be ringtones do I? Do I create a sub_folder? Where would I do that? Thanks!

You do not need BitPim to

You do not need BitPim to transfer music. If you run Windows, click START and then COMPUTER. Make sure your phone is attached. You should see "C:/" perhaps a "RECOVERY" and then a letter such as "E:/" or "G:/" if the computer has not installed a driver and the name of your phone if you do have a driver installed. Click the last one. Try dragging the music onto there. If all else fails, buy a micro SD card and access it through COMPUTER then "MICRO SD" I KNOW it can read the music from the Micro SD card. I only use BitPim to access hidden folders such as Contacts, Games, and Tools. For everything else I'll use COMPUTER.

Verizon vx10000

I have a vx10000 and it quit on me unexpectedly & and my problem is i need to get my contacts out of it but the phone wont completely boot up if you will. So it wont let me get it! It comes on but wont go through UGHH!!!! Is there ANYTHING? to do ANYONE! HELP!


i believe someone has hacked my phone and somehow routed all of my old and continueing info onto thier this even possible????.....I mean phone calls , texts, personal info from my own yahoo and gmail accounts....everything i have is hacked! The person i believe is doing this a computer guru , the problem is i dont know how to fix it, i dont even know where to begin.


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