Cy’s story: How New Media Rights defended my rights


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Here is just one person’s story:

“My name is Cy Kuckenbaker. I’m a documentary filmmaker. This year New Media Rights helped me answer complex legal questions about a film I made and also helped me get important government documentation that supported my right to make and distribute the film.

The legal hurdles I faced included everything from copyright issues to first amendment rights and military law. New Media Rights offered one-on-one, quality legal assistance and called upon their networks of experts to find the answers. I wouldn't have been able to release the film without the expertise offered by New Media Rights.”

- Cy Kuckenbaker, San Diego filmmaker

For more information about how our small but dedicated staff have cultivated citizen media and defended online rights throughout the year, read our 2010 List of Accomplishments

Our core service is providing hundreds of individuals with in-depth legal assistance and sharing what we learn with policy makers. We also provide how-to and legal guide resources on our site developed based on what our community asked to know.

New Media Rights is committed to ensuring that the internet remains a place where big ideas have a chance to grow, a source for solving problems faced in our communities, and an engine for communication, the lifeblood of our society.


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